The Reluctant Vegan Interview Series: The Good Seed Kefir

We first met Ivy and Adrian from The Good Seed Kefir not long after we went vegan. Shopping at our local farmers market, we saw them selling some delicious and healthy fizzy drinks that were great for your gut!

While Jess had been drinking Kombucha for quite a while and knew a little bit about gut health, but it was all new territory for us! So when we discovered The Good Seed (and Dan could drink it without grimacing!), we knew we were onto a winner.

We chatted to Ivy and Adrian for our podcast series talking plant-based health, fermenting, and marathon running…

Here are our favourite quotes from our chat with them!

“We started consuming kefir out of personal interest, to try and heal Adrian’s health issues. We would consume it in the morning and evenings and we saw benefits.”

“I grew up with really bad psoriasis. It was on my scalp, torso and hands. And it started disappearing. We do believe a lot of our health has been renewed because of it (water kefir).”

“The gut is pretty much your powerhouse. 80% of our immune system relies on our gut, 90% of our serotonin is dependent on your gut. It’s a powerhouse for your health and mood. They call it the second brain for a reason.”

“If you talk about things like hanger, moods will kick in and that takes over you because your gut is your primary brain.”

“Our gut microbiome needs attention as stress kills it.”

“We were giving out kefir to market friends, and they didn’t want to take it for free anymore because they were like “it’s actually working for us”!”

“It’s really cool when you put it (the kefir seeds) in a jar, it looks like a lava lamp.”

“You can take care of your micro biome and keep hydrated at the same time (by drinking kefir)”

“We find that dairy didn’t really resonate all that well with us, especially if you’re feeling a little bit queasy. (So) we opted for water kefir. They both produce the Lactosobilus strain.”

“Kombucha is closer to the apple cider vinegar family – that’s why it tastes vinegary.”

“We need to be eating plant based foods with a lot of fibre. You also need a lot of pre-biotics (as well as probiotics)”

“It’s integral to add pre-biotics with fibre from veggies. You’ll feel a clean source of energy from it.”

“There’s a reason we’re out like clowns every weekend at the markets getting people to try and sample Kefir.”

“We like to think that much like ourselves, everyone at the Farmers Market’s cares about their products.”

“I can’t talk enough about how important to incorporate greens and colours into your diet. Stick to principles like eating the rainbow.”

“Try to plough through as many greens as you can. In the morning we start with a big green smoothie.”

“You need to look out for Xylitol (in “sugar-free drinks) – it’s a sugar alcohol and it doesn’t count as sugar content. Unfortunately, those things ruin your gut micro biome. Xylitol is in things like chewing gum… and if you feed xylitol to a dog, it would most likely die.”

“The more articles we read, the more research, books, documentaries… it’s all about going back to basics. Going back to slow food. Slow foods and whole foods. Stay away from things that are processed. We hope the world gets a little bit like that… that everyone can just live a little bit slower.”

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