The Reluctant Vegan Interview Series: Jennifer and Eric Halverson

If you’ve been listening to our podcast recently, you’ll know that we’ve gotten a little sick of the sound of our own voices. So, we decided to put our interviewing hats on and speak to some cool vegans out and about around Melbourne, in Australia, and even wider!

For our first interview, we spoke to Jennifer and Eric Halverson – a couple based in California. Jennifer is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and works with people on their diet and lifestyle. Eric is a very knowledgeable human who first went vegetarian over 30 years ago!

We’ve selected our favourite quotes from them during our interview to give you a taste of what we spoke about…

Head to to take a listen to the chat with Jennifer and Eric!

“What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. It’s not one size fits all.”

“For me it was like an epiphany moment, it just made sense (going vegan) – and for all the right reasons” 

“My clients have not really wanted to go plant-based. They want to get healthy, but they don’t want to give up meat.” 

“Everything has protein in it – even broccoli. There really is no such thing as protein deficiency.”

“We tend to have too much protein anyway. What your requirements are is pretty small.”

“Your body doesn’t eliminate excess protein very well, we tend to have too much protein in our systems. In the process of trying to get rid of the protein, it causes other problems that we see in other health-related issues. The real question is how do you get rid of the excess protein.” 

“If you’re eating Doritos and m&ms as your primary fuel, it’s certainly a vegetarian diet for sure. but you’re not getting a whole lot of other nutrients. As long as you’re eating a variety of whole foods, you never have to think about protein.” 

“That’s the thing about going vegan, you’re mind is opened up. Eating locally, eating organic, eating what’s in season” 

“We’re pretty lucky ‘cos we can bounce off of one another. It’s not hard to stick to it. Eric was one of the reasons it was easy to go vegan. I realise it can be very challenging, and thank goodness we are on the same page.”

“You can still overeat when you’re vegan. It is definitely healthier but I still need to pay attention to when I’m hungry and pay attention to when I’m full.” 

“You can still eat a lot of fun foods!”

“You’ve stopped participating in the meat and dairy industry. You’re doing huge things in terms of positiveness for the planet.”

“We can all be nicer to each other and ourselves.”

“Eventually, you need to get healthy – you can’t just become a junk food vegan.”

“Ethically I feel so righteous.. Don’t you just feel like you’re doing the best thing you can be doing for everyone and everything?”

“It just feels better. We eat a lot. we eat everyday, our whole lives. Knowing that you are making good choices.. I’m doing the best thing I can environmentally and ecologically.”

“I think we’re a lot more removed from our food and what it is. It’s been really wonderful connecting to the people in the food industry, the people around you growing your food.”

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