The Reluctant Vegan Interview Series: Andrew ‘Spudfit’ Taylor

You may have heard of Andrew ‘Spudfit’ Taylor – the Melbourne man who ate nothing but potatoes for a year in an effort to cure his food addiction and create more space in his life for the good things.

We had a fantastic chat with him about veganism, whole food plant-based diets, and of course, spuds.

Here are our favourite quotes from our chat with the great man.


“I had this realisation that I was food addict. I realised one day that my problem was a food addiction.”

“One particular time I’d done a month really we and I’ll reward my self with a slice of pizza. But one slice of pizza turned into a huge binge.”

“I should try to treat my addiction in the same way an alcoholic would – I’d quit.”

“I thought that eating only potatoes is the most boring thing anyone could do – I couldn’t imagine any else being interested in someone only eating potatoes.”

“I was way overweight and I looked unhealthy and I was less vibrant than I was now. That was a reflection of what was going on inside.”

“It wasn’t all about potatoes for me. If I wanted to do something to get attention it wouldn’t have been that (eating potatoes) What I want to do is create some space in my life and see what comes in to take its place. Food totally dominated my life in a bad way.”

“I figure that life doesn’t allow voids or emptiness. If you take something out of your life, one way or another something will come in to fill it.”

“The way I eat now is still very simple and I often refer to it as food minimalism. Allow that brain space to be spent on something important.”

“I started excersicing, I’d start playing with my little boy a little more, I’d share a joke with my wife every now and then. Everything improved a little bit rather than one thing improving a lot”

If people have questions I’ll answer questions. But if they come to me and make a statement, if you think it’s a bad idea – don’t do it. Just leave me alone. If someone came to and said “you’re probably going to die soon” I’m like ok, probably! It’s better to ask a question than make a statement.

“I even got emails from media types that were warning me against things with crazy things. I’m doing something that challenges their business model. (A nutritionist told me) I was going to get a vitamin c deficiency and would get scurvy.”

“Potatoes are a beautiful thing and they nourish us and give us everything we need to make us strong and healthy.” 

“I was vegan and 55kg heavier than I am now because of junk like that. Maybe I would have been 100kg if I hadn’t been vegan.”

“Junk food is junk food whether it’s vegan or not.”

“A whole foods plant-based diet is unprocessed. It’s vegan but its also unprocessed. No oils, no refund sugars or flours. It’s fruit, veggies, beans, seeds, nuts – it’s as close to nature as possible. It’s food minimalism.”

“Eight out of 10 cows have to be stunned properly if two out of 10 get through (not being stunned properly) that’s ok. That means that two out of 10 cows get boiled alive.”

“I always make sure to correct people that it’s not that I can’t have it, it’s that I don’t want it.”


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