Surviving the summer BBQ as a Vegan

Here in Australia, summer is just around the corner.

Which means social gatherings that are generally held outside, and around a barbecue.

As a vegan, that generally makes things some what awkward.

You have to pretend everything is fine whilst your beliefs and values are literally getting burned on a hot plate.

But it is easy to stick to your values and bring a plate or two of wholesome, vegan food that will wow the crowd! We promise!

As soon as the mercury rises, it seems like everywhere around the country, Australians are opening the chip packets, lighting up the barbie and buttering some bread rolls to host the best barbecue there ever was.

We’d like to think we’ve gotten pretty good in other social situations when it comes to being vegan. Eating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner has become quite a breeze!

But longer situations like a Saturday barbecue are a little harder. It’s not just one meal. It’s snacks, then another main feed, possibly some dessert and then alcohol on top of that.

So we’ve put together a guide on food-swapping for barbecue season. What you should buy, and if you’re new to veganism, what to replace any animal products with.

Instead of… Doritos, replace with… Snakata Rice Crackers or Coles Brand Corn Chips

Most Corn Chip brands (ie. Doritos) contain a nasty thing called Palm Oil. You’ve probably head of it. Avoid it if you can and look for alternatives for other snacks via Palm Oil Investigations.

Instead of… store bought dips, replace with… a home made dip!

Check out One Green Planet for a bunch of different recipes that are cruelty free, and all lovely and fresh!

Cashew Cream Dip

Instead of… regular sausages or burgers, replace with… plant based sausages or burgers

There are so many brands out there now that offer plant-based alternatives for those looking for fake meat options. We personally love Veggie Delights,Fry’s Family Foods and Australian Eat Well for our barbecue options.

Instead of… regular steak, replace with… Veggies like mushrooms, zucchinis or sweet potatoes

The above vegetables are the perfect texture for popping on the barbie. They cook really well and the grilled taste is just so delicious! Slice them thinly, or to your liking, for the perfect grilled vegetable burger!

Grilled Mushroom via

Instead of… Pavlova, replace with… vegan meringues

If you’ve made a delicious home made dip using chickpeas, save the liquid in the can! This liquid is called Aquafaba and is used as a replacement for eggs. Which means — meringues!

Check out this video by on how to make perfect little vegan morsels!

These are just some of the ways we’ve made the transition from omnivore to vegan — we hope this helps you in any upcoming social situation!