The Reluctant Vegan’s Guide to (some of) Europe

We’re lucky to have done a bit of travel in our time and get out and about getting to try different types of foods from different cultures – but veganised!

We’ve compiled a little list (which we hope to add to over time) of some of the best vegan grub we’ve found over in Europe in places like London, Scotland, Paris and Vienna.

So go forth on your adventures and eat well!

The eclectic city has so many funky places to eat, we know we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Vegan Hippo

This corner spot is your vegan junk food heaven! Memorable dishes here have been the jackfruit burger, the vegan hot dog and a classy tofu scramble. Has books out the back for you to pick up and take a read if you’re travelling by yourself.

A note to be cautious if bringing non-vegan friends here who aren’t *quite* open to some strict rules. They refuse to take the new five and ten pound notes which are made with animal fat.


This chain store delivers each and every time. If you need something in a hurry, Pret is your way to go. With takeaway vegan options including salads and sandwiches, fruit, juices and more, it’s an easy place to stop when you’re desperate for a feed. There’s also a new Veggie Pret with select locations purely catered for us plant powered folk.

The Duke of Cambridge

Located in Islington, this isn’t a strictly vegan pub – but it is the world’s first organic pub which is kinda cool. They have vegan beer on tap and a full organic menu that serves plenty of vegan goodness. One of the first pubs we’ve been into where we haven’t felt like the only thing we can order is hot chips. Seriously good food that changes seasonally.

Campbell’s Canal Cafe

Not far from the Camden Market (where you will find a host of good vegan street food eats) is a cosy cafe along the river with a delicious plant-based menu. The location is beautiful and you will walk out feeling nourished and awesome.

Old Paradise Yard

You’ll stumble across this place not far from the bank of the Thames is Old Paradise Yard. It’s an artists space, a recording studio and more, and you can get a coffee and some nice avo on toast and coffee sitting in the yard. We remember vividly that there was a morning jazz session going on on our visit. Very cultured.

Norman’s Coach and Horses

Another stumble in the centre of the city, this pub had vegan-friendly food in a great location. Staff were friendly enough to ask about the vegan beers.

The land of meat and cheese has a surprisingly growing number of vegan options.

Grand Appetit
This cosy and adorable cafe felt like home. Everything was cooked like it was homemade and with love. It tasted incredible and we felt so wonderfully nourished when we left after chowing down on the macrobiotic plates. It’s a little old-fashioned and doesn’t look brand new, but that’s all part of the charm. Come armed with cash.

Le puit de Legumes

Located a bit of the main stretch, this place was just awesome! Mammoth sized feeds (which isn’t common in Paris) filled with good flavour and in a quaint space. Would be lovely for a cute date with your loved one or on your own.

Brasserie 2eme ART

Parisian style bistro with a twist. Think pizza, pasta, burgers, thai food, ice cream and waffles. Poor Jess ended up here on her own on a Friday night which was a bit awks. So maybe more of a lunch date if your by yourself. But definitely a place to go with a group of friends!

Cloud Cakes

Almost cried when we found this place. Sweets and cakes and coffee and ALL VEGAN! If you have a sweet tooth (like us) you will enjoy this place immensely! Good coffee too.


A good central place to meet with friends that also has a few vegan dishes. Be warned that there are decorations of animals on the interior so this place might not be for everybody.

Las du Fallafel

BEST. FALAFEL. EVER. Honestly, don’t think we can say more than this. Your life will change. Just look how happy Dan is.


If you’re after an ice cream to cool you down on a hot day, google where these guys are around the city for their number of vegan sorbets to enjoy.

Schnitzels and beer and weiners be gone! Vienna has a few wicked places to eat that keep cruelty off your plate.

Mr and Mrs Feelgood

Exactly what the name says. Good food in a cosy cafe. If you’re from Melbourne (like us), you won’t think the coffee is anything to write home about but other juices and cold drinks are worth it! Have a good selection of comfort food. When you get in, you may need to ask for a menu that’s in English.

Swing Kitchen

Ever wanted a greasy burger and chips and then you remember you can’t ‘cos you’re vegan? This place will satisfy any cravings for a big meal with a wide selection of burgers to suit whatever you may want! They also use compostable crockery for takeaways which is a nice touch.


Delicious Persian vegetarian restaurant with ample seating, just across from the river. Good place to go for a bargain feed!

To be honest. we only spent a night here and we didn’t think Manchester was anything that great but this place was!

By 1847

Completely vegetarian with ample vegan options, this was one of those meals we will always remember. Eggplant steaks, tofu fish and chips… Best to book as they do get busy! Also have locations in Birmingham and Bristol.


When we think of Scotland, we don’t think of vegan food. Well, prepare to have your mind blown.

David Bann

Fine dining that wasn’t so bad on your budget bank balance. Definitely worth the treat to eat here. Completely vegetarian with plenty of vegan options. Really beautiful food in a beautiful setting, just off the Royal Mile.

A Room in the West End

Head downstairs at this old style pub to get vegan haggis! Yes, you heard that right. Yummy beers and delicious pub food that caters for all. A very memorable evening.

Vinyasa Indian

Usually Indian food is a pretty safe bet as a vegan and this place did not disappoint. We had yucky cold weather while in Scotland so this was a perfect meal to warm up with!

So that’s our list! Where else would you recommend?