Reluctant Vegan Update: July 2019

Hey Reluctant Vegan listeners!

Jess and Dan here – we’re sorry we’ve been inactive from the airwaves for the past few months. Things have been really busy (in a great way) for us with our new business.

In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve started up a new business of Vegan Food tours. We launched in Melbourne in October last year, and Sydney in April 2019.

In a nutshell, we take people around to our favourite food and retail venues that offer amazing vegan fare, or are contributing to the growing vegan scene around Australia.

It’s been so fun meeting new people (and even some Reluctant Vegan Podcast fans!) over the tours and getting to share our passion for the vegan movement here in Melbourne.

We’ve met some awesome new people up in Sydney who are running the tours up there for us. Sarah runs the Vegan Travel Diaries blog, and Anna helps out saving cats in Sydney and organising vegan social nights.

We’ve said it before but going vegan has changed our lives! It’s helped us reach people all over the world and create a business that aligns with our values.

And if you’re keen to jump on a tour with us in Melbourne, head to to get 20% off your tour! If you’re visiting Sydney, to score the same discount on one of your tours.

New episodes will be coming up in September. We’ve already recorded some great interviews with some guests that we can’t wait to share with you.

Speak to you soon on the airwaves,

Jess and Dan x