one year of veganism

One year of Veganism

So we’ve been vegan for one year.

And we’re still here.

Did you know that it is possible to survive without meat?

We know, crazy.

In February 2016, we decided to go plant-based. We’ve gone without meat, eggs and dairy for a whole year (meat, a little longer as previous veggo’s).

So here’s some things that we’ve decided to share, and answer some questions that you may not know the answer to…

Q: You’re still vegan? It must be so hard!

A: It can be hard if we make it hard. But we have learned how to cook our own food, and have become resourceful in the kitchen. We also know lots of great places to eat out that offer cruelty-free options!

Q: But what about cheese?

A: Having a wine in the summer evening used to feel a little lacklustre without a nice cut of brie, but we’ve found that there’s plenty of other nibbles to cater for a perfectly nice catch up with friends and booze. Hummus and crackers are pretty damn good.

Q: But you can have seafood, right?

No, creatures of the sea are just that, creatures. We choose to leave them swimming in the ocean.

Observation: It must be super boring to cook, what do you make?

A: We literally have so much choice when it comes to veggies and grains, and pasta, and rice… and noodles… and beans… the list goes on.

Observation: There’s not enough nutrients in a vegan diet to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

A: There are all the nutrients we need from plant-based sources, we just need to make sure we eat items that make sure that we get enough iron, b12 & omega 3 (which we’re doing a fairly good job at). We don’t see a problem with taking an iron and a b12 supplement to make sure we’re at our best!

Observation: Like, humans need meat to survive. That’s how we evolved.

A: We hate to break it to you, but we are not dead. We are alive and kicking – all without meat!

Observation: Animals are still going to die anyway, you’re not fixing anything.

We are aware that no matter what, our actions won’t necessarily affect the life of an animal. However, it leaves us with a much better peace of mind that we aren’t consuming their meat, or eating their products, with the hope that eventually the message will filter down, and that there will be more people who choose to leave animals off their plates.

Observation: There’s so much bad stuff in vegan (insert junk food here), you shouldn’t be eating that!!

A: Much like chocolate and ice cream, and junk food in the ‘real’ world, we believe everything can be had as a treat every now and then. We don’t eat ice cream for breakfast every day! Vegan treats often don’t make us feel as sick, as they contain less refined sugars and palm oil and yucky stuff that you find in many ‘normal’ treats from the supermarket. 

We are happy to be plant-powered and thriving, and we hope this clears up any misconceptions about veganism!

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