Dear Omnivores, My name is Jess. I’ve been vegetarian for about the last two years and vegan for about 2 months. I no longer eat animals or their by-products like milk, cheese, yoghurt or eggs. Or the flesh of a poor cow/chicken/lamb/fish/crab/octopus. Now one thing I’ve noticed...

There are loads of Vegans in Melbourne! The Corner Hotel in Richmond was packed to the rafters with those who’ve chosen a cruelty free lifestyle. (There were actually a couple of non-vegans too which we though was just simply awesome!) Nutritional Yeast not only sounds...

In the first episode we tackle:
  • What the Reluctant Vegan is
  • What challenges we've found so far
  • The good and the bad of how people react
  • A funny story from Dan's first night out as a Vegan
  • #VeganHeaven
  • + much more