We first met Ivy and Adrian from The Good Seed Kefir not long after we went vegan. Shopping at our local farmers market, we saw them selling some delicious and healthy fizzy drinks that were great for your gut! While Jess had been drinking Kombucha for quite a while and knew a little bit about gut health, but it was all new territory for us! So when we discovered The Good Seed (and Dan could drink it without grimacing!), we knew we were onto a winner.

If you're a vegan who lives in Sydney, you've definitely come across the Sydney Vegan Guide on Facebook and Instagram (with a cool following of 30,000 and growing). But you may not have met the face behind it all - the awesome Renee Buckingham! Starting the guide purely as a hobby after going vegan, the Sydney Vegan Guide is an account you need to follow for the best places to eat in Sydney - and an account you want to be seen on if you're a restaurant or cafe. We caught up with Renee on the Reluctant Vegan podcast after her recent move to Melbourne (and subsequent start of the Melbourne Vegan Guide) and chatted with her about going vegan, the changes she's seen in the space and why living wholeheartedly is in her blood.

You may have heard of Andrew 'Spudfit' Taylor - the Melbourne man who ate nothing but potatoes for a year in an effort to cure his food addiction and create more space in his life for the good things. We had a fantastic chat with him about veganism, whole food plant-based diets, and of course, spuds. Here are our favourite quotes from our chat with the great man.

We're lucky to have done a bit of travel in our time and get out and about getting to try different types of foods from different cultures - but veganised!

We've compiled a little list (which we hope to add to over time) of some of the best vegan grub we've found over in Europe in places like London, Scotland, Paris and Vienna.

So go forth on your adventures and eat well!

A staggering 70% of agricultural emissions come directly from livestock, and result in 37% of total worldwide human-caused methane emissions. Is animal agriculture the biggest threat to our planet?...

So we’ve been vegan for one year. And we’re still here. Did you know that it is possible to survive without meat? We know, crazy. In February 2016, we decided to go plant-based. We’ve gone without meat, eggs and dairy for a whole year (meat, a little longer...