This serves as a thick, nutritious smoothie - but in a bowl! As the wheat biscuit absorbs most of the moisture from the milk, it's much easier to eat it from a bowl! Serves: 1 INGREDIENTS: 2 or 3 wheat biscuits of your choice (depending how hungry you are) 1/2...

This guy is a super way to start a warm, summers day! Filled with fresh fruit and veggies, it has lots of green goodness to make your morning delicious sweet and tasty, and will take just a few minutes, so it's great if you're on the go!

Becoming a Vegan isn't an easy decision to make. Especially if you come from a carnivorous family, or are an addict of a soft cheese with your vino, or just enjoy the simplicity of not having to think about what you eat all the time.

For those days when it is just too hot to move, having a few of these delicious vegan ice blocks handy in the freezer for a sweet treat in the afternoon really can make a big difference to your body temperature, without the added sugar.

This vegan pesto serves as an excuse to eat carbs, and it's got plenty of green goodness to really pack a nutritional punch! If you're off carbs, you can replace the pasta with zucchini noodles for extra greeny goodness.

Mexican is one of our favourite dishes, and we learned to make it at home as it was too difficult to find a nice vegan option. We hope you enjoy this meat-free version of the traditional burrito bowl - we promise it's amazing!