We're lucky to have done a bit of travel in our time and get out and about getting to try different types of foods from different cultures - but veganised!

We've compiled a little list (which we hope to add to over time) of some of the best vegan grub we've found over in Europe in places like London, Scotland, Paris and Vienna.

So go forth on your adventures and eat well!

In need of something quick and easy for brekky on the run? This banana and cinnamon duo has you covered for a sweet and delicious (and very filling) smoothie!...

In the cooler months, we find getting up so much harder! So we're working on some nice warming brekky options to make it worth getting up for! This poached pear porridge recipe came about when we both weren't feeling so well and needed something warm and nourishing to make us feel better.

The miracle of aquafaba! Having heard about this miracle water, we decided to check out ways we could use it. We failed at the meringues, but the mousse was much easier and especially delicious! This chocolate dessert will please any non-vegan too, we promise!

Pumpkin soup is a staple when it comes to the colder months, and we're constantly looking for new ways to spice up a classic! (See our Turmeric Pumpkin Soup recipe for another favourite). This one incorporates a touch of Mexican spice and flavour to really give your taste buds a party!

We will admit that finding nice hearty breakfast replacements to the long gone days of bacon and eggs was difficult at first - but falling in love with tofu has had its benefits! Inspired by a recipe from Forks Over Knives, we've come up with a delicious tofu scramble to set you up for your day! It can be enjoyed on its own or served with tortillas for a Mexican-style brekky!

A staggering 70% of agricultural emissions come directly from livestock, and result in 37% of total worldwide human-caused methane emissions. Is animal agriculture the biggest threat to our planet?...

So we’ve been vegan for one year. And we’re still here. Did you know that it is possible to survive without meat? We know, crazy. In February 2016, we decided to go plant-based. We’ve gone without meat, eggs and dairy for a whole year (meat, a little longer...