Jess Dan and Pudding
Our cat Pudding, who we adopted from the RSPCA in 2014.
Jess Dan and Lyla
With our little foster pup Lyla, who we looked after before she found her forever home in 2016.
Jess Dan and Blue
With the latest addition to our household, Blue, who we adopted mid-way through 2016.

Our story…

We have always loved animals!

One of our first major decisions as a couple was adopting a pet together, we always enjoyed going to animal conservation centres and parks, and we were continually donating money to animal welfare charities to make sure we could help them with our dollar.

But the catch – we still ate meat!

It occurred to us that we couldn’t really call ourselves animal lovers while we were still eating them, right?

It was time to make a change.

Our vegetarian journey began back in 2014, as we gained a wider appreciation for the animals in the world, and didn’t see why we should cut their lives short just for a few minutes of enjoyment at lunch and dinner.

The Reluctant Vegan was started in 2016, as we made the commitment to remove all animal products from our lives.

It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but we knew it was bigger than just us. The choice to turn vegan impacted our furry friends, the planet, and our health – all in a positive way. And we haven’t looked back.

The Reluctant Vegan was started as a way to stay on track. If we were accountable for our actions on the internet, it would easy to stick to, right? Wrong!

It has been a challenging experience! From forgetting to order coffee with soy milk, to having to turn down homemade food from a friend due to our beliefs, and feeling overwhelmed that we can’t save every animal in the world, we’ve learned so much about how we can live a cruelty-free, sustainable lifestyle, all while enjoying delicious food and creating many happy memories along the way!