reasons to go vegan

5 reasons why you should go Vegan

Becoming a Vegan isn’t an easy decision to make. Especially if you come from a carnivorous family, or are an addict of a soft cheese with your vino, or just enjoy the simplicity of not having to think about what you eat all the time.

A lot of people ask us why they think going Vegan is worth it, what are we doing it for, who are we trying to make a point to… etc. The truth is, there are a number of reasons we decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle, and are all summed up in the below points.

For the animals

First things first, being a vegan means you’re against cruelty to animals. To some, that only extends to domestic animals. But for Vegans, it means ALL animals.

For us, we just couldn’t justify an animal being killed or hurt just for our pleasure. It’s as simple as that.

So if you do well and truly care for the furry creatures of the planet, consider removing animal products from your daily life.

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For the environment

The meat industry worldwide contributes more to greenhouse gases than the entire transport industry. And global warming is in fact a real thing.

If you’re passionate about slowing down the effects of global warming, deforestation and

For your health

After the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced last year that certain meats cause cancer, many vegans and health professionals were quite happy that what they had known for quite some time had become fact.

The WHO report revealed that processed meats such as ham, salami and sausages are class 1 carcinogen, meaning that the evidence they gathered suggested that these meats cause cancer. Red meat was considered Class 2, meaning it too showed signs of carcinogenic risk.

So if you’re keen to avoid bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer – and guys – prostrate cancer, we suggest re-thinking that hot dog at the footy.

For your cooking skills

Throwing a microwave meal on, or heating up two minute noodles in a disposable cup is all well and good BUT, it doesn’t teach you much about nutrition or how to cook.

While grilling meat is considered a skill, making new recipes with an array of bright vegetables or new grains can be really exciting! Or trying to veganise a dish that once had meat in it can turn out way yummier than it was before, trust us.

Once you learn more about your health, nutrition and the benefits of plant based foods, it’s really hard to turn back.

Check out for some awesome plant based recipes, and on our blog as we bring you some delicious meals straight from our own kitchen!

For changing the perception of veganism

Veganism has always had a bit of a negative connotation around it. Hippies who are a bit too carefree and don’t really know what they’re doing. No common sense. That sort of that thing.

In the past couple of years, things have really begun to shift. Not eating meat used to be seen as this bizarre thing. People would greet you with a “WHAT” face and shake their heads.

The more people that begin to adapt to a vegan lifestyle means that the perceptions around it will change. We’ve seen that with our family and friends. They’re curious, and we’ve seen a certain change in their habits too. Which is really nice. We know the process won’t be a quick one, but we know things are changing.

For the cost

A lot of naysayers assume that being vegan means it’s expensive. And while we’re not saying it’s a zero-cost way of living, it’s definitely cheaper than purchasing meat.

The simple fact of the matter is that you get more bang for your buck with veggies. Per kilo, they’re generally cheaper.

A quick scout of our supermarket at the moment had Free Range Chicken breasts on sale for $16 a kilo. Potatoes are $4 a kilo. Broccoli is a mere $3.50 a kilo. We know what we’re choosing.


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Which did you align with the most? Our hope is that you could find something in here that really touched home. Got another suggestion for why you went Vegan? Let us know on Twitter at