The 18 best quotes from the Great Debate

Is animal agriculture the biggest threat to our planet?

During the National Sustainability Festival, we learned that “a staggering 70% of agricultural emissions come directly from livestock, and result in 37% of total worldwide human-caused methane emissions.”

Scary, right?

The Great Debate put the following panellists on stage to discuss the topic that some accept, some deny, and some others are happy to see what happens…

Peter Singer – Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University
Dora Marinova – Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University
Jon Altman – Research Professor, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship & Globalisation, Deakin University
Lucinda Corrigan – Farmer & Businesswoman
Adam Cardilini – Ecologist & Science Communicator
Richard Eckard – Professor & Director, Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre, the University of Melbourne

 We compiled a list of the best quotes (whether we agree with them or not) from the night.

Peter Singer

“Climate change means that the rainfall patterns change, we could see major sea level rises… we really have to face up to the seriousness of the problems.”

“We don’t have to eat meat – that’s an option for us in the affluent world”

“One of the things we need to do is to increase productivity in plant-based products”

Dora Marionova

“We need to eat less meat, it’s as simple as that”

“I always get this question – ‘I need to eat meat to get protein’ – no, no you don’t”

“Beef needs 209 times more land than potatoes, 295 more than rice, and 117 more than wheat per year for the same amount of energy”

Richard Eckard

“Don’t be unbalanced with your approach. Get our of your 4WD, cycle to work… cut your energy emissions”

“Only 16% of the world have access to earn more than $20 a day. Some people have to worry about where their next meal comes from, not the greenhouse gas emissions”

“There is a solution that lies in research. Reducing red meat consumption will reduce your personal greenhouse consumption.”

Jon Alman

“I accept that animal agriculture contributes to the emissions of global warming”

“It’s important to recognise that giving up meat is not an option for some”

Adam Cardalini

“Animal agriculture contributes about 18% (to greenhouse emissions). Switching to a plant-based diet can cut emissions by 60%”

“In a privileged diet… we don’t need to be a eating meat”

“I truly believe that we can create a safe climate. If we’re serious about saving things we care about, we need to take action quickly”

Lucinda Corrigan

“The care of animals is central to how we work”

“Red meat production is the best use of the range lands”

“Since 1991, we’ve reduced total emissions by 24%”

“The industry has a vision to be carbon neutral by 2030.”