melbourne vegan festival

10 things we learned from the Melbourne Vegan Festival

  1. There are loads of Vegans in Melbourne!
    The Corner Hotel in Richmond was packed to the rafters with those who’ve chosen a cruelty free lifestyle. (There were actually a couple of non-vegans too which we though was just simply awesome!)
  2. Nutritional Yeast not only sounds like a gross name and looks like fish food, but it also so incredibly tasty!
    Hello Vegan parmesan cheese! Who would have known? But, can we change the name already?
  3.  You can have buffalo wings minus the wings.
    In place of meat, the Corner Hotel kitchen made it with cauliflower and it was the most delicious thing we’ve ever tasted and we are pretty sure we had sticky sauce all over our faces but we cared not for anything but the deliciousness.
  4.  “It’s not good karma to eat animals” via James Aspey
    Well, duh. But if you believe in what goes around comes back around, we suggest leaving the creatures off your plate. We’ll certainly be using this justification against the Vegan nay-sayers.

  5.  Animals don’t willingly end up on your plate. “I’ve never seen an animal volunteer for dinner”
    Mary didn’t have a little lamb that followed her everywhere just so she could end up on Mary’s plate. As John (AKA The Bad Ass Vegan) stated, they don’t put their hand up for to be killed so we’re simply respecting an animal’s wishes.
  6.  Our vegan cookbook collection is growing.
    Thanks to Mary Mattern (vegan chef to the stars!) we’ve got some more sweet, sweet recipes locked and loaded in our kitchen cupboard.

  7. The next generation of vegans are here. Grace and Evelyn.
    The two youngest speakers (@happycleanvegan) and (@nourishnotpunish) are leading the way when it comes to young people who want to live a healthier, happier life without animal products.
  8.  The questions will never stop
    John Lewis (@badassvegan) has been a vegan for 10 years. And people still ask him if he’s getting enough protein. Spoiler alert, he’s a fitness fanatic/body builder/hot piece of ass. Shut up everyone.

  9.  There’s such thing as Vegan Beer.
    And we rejoiced over and over again! Thank you Mountain Goat!
  10. “There is no right way to do the wrong thing” Veganism is the future.
    Amen to that. Don’t kid yourself about your actions. Choosing to live cruelty free is a kind, compassionate and very brave thing to do. We take our hats off to every Vegan fighting the good fight around the world!