A place to inspire, motivate, and share all of the great things that come with living a Vegan lifestyle!

Loving Hut Richmond
Finas Vegetarian
1847 Manchester

Hi! We’re Jess and Dan! 

We are two former carnivores, with unrealistic expectations of what was healthy and no understanding of what a difference our choices could make. 

We changed our lifestyle for our love of animals, for the planet, and for our health. We feel so fantastic about this decision, we wanted to share it with the world!

But we also know, that despite a lot of progress being made, making the decision to turn to a plant-based lifestyle can be a little tricky, and can seem a little overwhelming and fall into the too-hard-basket.

We want to show you that choosing a vegan and plant-based diet can be easy, affordable, and darn good for the world! 

So join us on this cruelty-free ride, as we turn from ‘reluctant’ vegans, to fully fledged herbivores!